June 17, 2016

Crystal Pier Engagements – Butch & Krista

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It isn’t every day that you meet such a fun loving couple like Butch and Krista. This amazing couple from Las Vegas, NV came out here to scope out their gorgeous wedding venue!!Butch&KristaEngagements (1)Butch&KristaEngagements (2)

Butch and Krista want a casual and low key wedding day filled with family, friends, and fun! I was in stitches the entire session as Butch enjoyed teasing and joking with Krista!

Butch&KristaEngagements (3)Butch&KristaEngagements (4)Butch&KristaEngagements (5)

This was by far my favorite shot of the session! Krista and Butch were not confident in their posing abilities, but look at them now!! They are so natural!!

Butch&KristaEngagements (6)Butch&KristaEngagements (7)Butch&KristaEngagements (8)Butch&KristaEngagements (9)Butch&KristaEngagements (10)

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in a few months!! Congratulations on your engagement you two!!

Butch&KristaEngagements (11)Butch&KristaEngagements (12)Butch&KristaEngagements (13)

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