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Congratulations! You made it this far...and we bet it has been quite the journey. 

Coming from big families filled with love and laughter, Jason and I can't wait to join you and yours in welcoming you to the married people's club. There is a lot of room on this side of happily ever after, but the journey can be a little bumpy.

Comfortable? Stay a while and say hello to see how we can assist you in getting to the chapel and getting married!

hi friends, we're the saulnier's.

the reason we do what we do.


deep feelings give us the feels

romantic joy

Can you tell?

French and Flowers

because the destination is the sum of the memories along the way. Whether it is the road less traveled, joy-filled moments, quiet caresses or til death do you part, the way you get there matters. 

Our services consist of full day coverage so that you don't have to choose a moment of your journey to becoming husband and wife to exclude.

Full day coverage

We believe in the Journey

that every bride is a princess, every groom her prince, and your fairy tale can look just like your reality because you aren't a disney character, and your love story is just as amazing as any fairy tale.

And just like a princess, you must have enough images to do your story justice. That is why we believe in delivering 1,000 images to our brides and grooms so that there is always enough to go around.

1,000 images

We believe in love

In the bridal blush, a sweet slow smile that spreads from your eyes all the way down your toes as the one you love sees you for the first time because something so precious and intimate deserves to be cherished. 

To honor the genuine feelings you have on your wedding day, we specialize creating opportunities to capture your genuine reactions, emotions, and experience on your wedding day!

Real moments

We believe in you




I am SO excited that you want to choose us and we want to say I do to you!!

Weddings can be brutal. 12 hours long. You're under stress and it can feel like your racing against the clock. The LAST thing we all want is to be dreading seeing each other. 

You took your time picking your dress for that perfect fit and wedding photography is the same.

Let's meet for coffee or brunch to get to know each other!

Our first date

Wow! We clicked! It's so great to know that you want us on your team! From here we are going to work closely together to make sure that your wedding is your dream come true!

To working with your planner to helping you find your vendors if you don't have one, it's great to know that even if you don't love this whole wedding thing quite as much as I do...we are in it together!

Keep an eye out for our bridal guide, it has everything you need to know!

going steady

We are almost there! Your wedding day is fast approaching, but it cannot get here without your engagement portraits.

It is a dream come true for you and your beloved to join us on an adventure that we plan out all of the details for you. From helping pick out your outfits, hair and makeup, all the way to a little bubbly to feel great in front of the camera...

This engagement session is us asking you to snuggle up and spend some time with us!

the big ask

ITS HERE!! Your big day. Wow we made it!

We adore spending the day with you and your sweetie experiencing those precious firsts:

your first look
your first kiss
your first dance
and finally...watching you leave for your honeymoon.

Fair well friends, see you VERY soon and welcome to happily ever after!

vows and wows

Can you believe it?  You are married! But don't you worry, it's not over yet!

Join us the viewing of your wedding gallery as well as a preview of your custom wedding album.

It's been two weeks since we have seen each other and I have been counting down the seconds for you to relive every moment that we have been!

I think we need another toast!

let's celebrate

I don't know about you.

But after all of this time together, you are so special to us. Let's make sure we see each other at least once a year so we can continue to celebrate the amazing people you are.

After all, we were there when you said I do.

Not the end

"It was so obvious from the second we met her that she is 110% interested in capturing and honoring our unique love story. I honestly felt like she was an old friend!"

- Ross & Ashley

"To top it off, through the rest of the night, she treated me like I was family. What impressed me most, was how much Lauren went above and beyond for us."

- Ken & Yesenia

"I can't stand being the center of attention but they made it so incredibly easy. Having my pictures taken may have been the easiest part of the day."

- Matt & Sarah

"Seeing the photos after tears flooded my eyes because you could really feel the magic, love, and energy through the photos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lauren."

- Ray & Anne

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being, hands down, the best, most knowledgeable, catering, photographer ever! I rant and rave about you all the time!"

- Tim & Sarina

"Lauren and Jason, you have us in tears!!!! Every photo is just so, so beautiful!!!!"

- David & Claire

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