Her worn hands rub the paper fondly. Heavy eyelids crinkle in delight. He’s alive again for the moment. His love letter in her hands.

She talks about drives in the country side and moonlit dancing under the stars. She talks about a train ride across the nation that separated them for a time and a small one bedroom apartment where their life began.

With a small tear in the corner of her eye she smiles brightly, “I forgot he used to write me poetry.” As her finger gently caresses the spot where he wrote that he loved her. “I have to be careful or they will fade away.”

I sit there in admiration of my Nana, in awe of something so simple becoming so precious. It’s been five years and as she has meticulously gone through their life after he left, she had found the treasured letters from her war hero husband.

My grandmother is 90 this year. She is as beautiful inside as she is radiant on the outside. And for her, even though my grandfather passed on, he is still alive in their pictures and in the treasures of his words.

It’s why we believe in elegant, romantic adventures to fill love letters to the brim...because in some ways...the past got it right.



I sit there beside my husband, as we drive down the road. Our baby girl is in the backseat, chattering away, our Jack Russell Terrier is sitting beside and the breeze flows through the car. He slips his arm under mine, reaching for my hand. Our fingers intertwine and I am back in those moments.

The time that we picked apples under the sunset, the time we carved nine pumpkins for Halloween because that was how many he could carry, that time that we had a water fight on our first camping trip together, that time he asked me to be his beloved, that time we danced under the moonlight preparing for our first dance, that moment  we said I do, that moment we drove home to our first apartment, and then our second, and then into the hospital to welcome our daughter into the world...Take my hand and united we love.

Photographers who have loved and know love.

Take my hand,
united, we love

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Ready to book?

We primarily care for couples in the San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles county areas at venues that offer beautiful outdoor settings with elegant architectural features. We are willing to travel to other areas and states for a small fee.

Please inquire with us to learn more!

Question 5:  What areas do you service?

We offer our couples posing education for those that are uncomfortable in front of the camera and will often organize groupings in time restricted situations. Our goal is to allow for authentic moments and images within curated settings to allow for consistency and the high end images we are known for.

Question 4:  Do you pose your photographs?

Our number one goal for you is to deliver all of the images that you desire on your wedding day. It is important to remember that your wedding is unique and as such we cannot guarantee any specific image be taken. From our perspective the first look allows for the freedom to ensure additional time and opportunities to capture every image in your wish list. This does not mean that we take the importance of the first time you see each other for granted. On the contrary.

First looks are actually harder on your photographer to set up. We have to curate another incredible location for arguably the second most monumental moments of your wedding day. And we want every part of it to be perfect for you. from the scenery to a secluded and private location so that you can truly experience the emotions of seeing each other for the first time.

It is not something we take lightly as it is a tremendous responsibility. But that is also why we love it! Because you deserve a small moment where you are not a spectacle for your guests, a moment that truly is just for you. Together. In Unity.

Question 3:  We are a traditional couple and a lot of photographers are pushing for first looks. Where do you fall in that debate?

Currently, we are only booking weddings and engagements. On occasion we are blessed with the opportunity to photograph a proposal, which we love, but they do not come around too often.
We have taken years to perfect our craft of delivering a complete wedding experience from a complimentary engagement shoot to curated albums and fine art prints. We are specialists in a wedding day and as such, find that there are other photographers who would be better to serve those needs. We are always happy to offer referrals for any service you may need.

Question 2: Do you photograph other types of events?

Hello! We are so happy you are considering working with us. This is one of our favorite questions to answer. A lot of photographers like to meet for coffee and we agree! However, what may be a little different than other photographers, is that we love inviting you over for coffee! We have found that since we are going to be together for nearly 30 hours during this wedding journey, that we like to be comfortable and really get to know each other during the initial inquiry.

Question 1:    What is the process to meet with you regarding your services?


8 hours is sometimes not enough! We ensure that all of your day is photographed

We Deliver

full day coverage

In an effort to guarantee that your story is told, we typically deliver 1,000 images

1,000 images

we deliver

We specialize in authentic moments to guarantee real moments captured.

real moments

we deliver

Ross & Ashley

"It was so obvious from the second we met her that she is 110% interested in capturing and honoring our unique love story. I honestly felt like she was an old friend!"

Ken & Ysenia

"To top it off, through the rest of the night, she treated me like I was family. What impressed me most, was how much Lauren went above and beyond for us."

Ryan & renee

"You will walk away feeling like your best friend who knows your heart and your childhood dreams has just photographed your special day."

Ray & Anne

"Seeing the photos after tears flooded my eyes because you could really feel the magic, love, and energy through the photos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lauren."

matt & sarah

"I can't stand being the center of attention but they made it so incredibly easy. Having my pictures taken may have been the easiest part of the day."

jay & rose

"From when we first met her, she made us feel like we were her first, last, and only client. She made us feel like our wedding experience was how she envisioned her own experience."

michael & elza

"The pictures came out beautiful, and evocative of our love. They captured our relationship beautifully."

love letters


Lauren & Jason

follow along @laurensaulnierwedding