Our couples are our favorite part of our jobs! We take great pride in making sure that they have the wedding photography of their dreams.

Our favorite couples are people who often turn out to be life long friends! As such we tend to have a few key things in common:

We love animals! Whether you are dog people, cat people, or horse people, you are definitely in the category of our people!

We love homes! Whether it is interior design, fixer upper, or architectural details, we love the places that people gather.

And finally, we are people who value the journey and those who join us on them. Which is exactly why you matter, because we are some of those people who walk with you from your first look to your first kiss and to your first dance and far beyond. We cannot wait to meet you!

our couples


Our brides tend to be filled with grace. We love finding the elegant french woman deep within all of us. She values tradition and family knowing that they root us in ourselves. 

Saulnier brides


Our grooms tend to be confident and value the qualities in a gentlemen. We love our amazing grooms who have a sense of humor and enjoy nature as it connects us.

Saulnier grooms


Lauren & Jason

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