Our story

we're Red Lip Stick & LED's, we are family, swans, and a house full of laughter.

The metal felt cool to my fingertips in the night air as I sat on the hood of my car. The yellow street lamp lit the street and I smiled up at him as he talked about how the quaint small town street we were on would look better under the light of an LED. I loved his mind and how he thought of ways to improve the world. He still does.

With red lipstick on my lips. "Are you going to kiss me or not?" I joked. It was our first date and we drank sweet white wine, dined on a mouth watering plate of spare ribs, and strolled down to a grey blue sea tossed by a brisk breeze..

That was five years ago, and in the wake of moves, puppies, kittens, fires, and fears...we have found the joy. Found that life...begins with family and laughter, and loving yourself and each other.

We are Jason and Lauren Saulnier...and we believe in amour, because sometimes things sound better in french.

Pearls and Lace. We LOVE all things classic. From the LBD to the tasteful application of sparkle, we adore and celebrate the french woman in every woman with the modern flare of today. From opulent elegance to the sweetness of a glam bohemian bride, we love the style you choose!

We love family. Coming from big families ourselves, we know that family can be both the biggest blessing and at times a pretty big obstacle. Whether everyone is at peace or at war, we are family specialists!

The Details!
From planning every personal touch to who is coming and what they are wearing, we LOVE the details that set your wedding apart from every other wedding. We love the parts that make YOU shine.


in grace, because it is the uncommon virtue.

in old world class and elegant romantic adventures, because in some cases, the past got it right.

that every bride is a princess, every groom her prince, and your fairy tale can look just like your reality because you aren't a disney character, and your love story is just as amazing as any fairy tale.

in family, the kind filled with infectious laughter around the kitchen table covered in pumpkin pie made with a secret recipe because family ties bind you to your past and make up who you are.

that magic happens when a little girl flips through heirloom wedding albums or try on mom’s wedding dress dreaming of their own big day because what we choose now doesn't just shape our memories, it is a legacy for our children's and our families.

in the bridal blush, a sweet slow smile that spreads from your eyes all the way down your toes as the one you love sees you for the first time because something so precious and intimate deserves to be cherished.

in swans, that you are beautiful, just the way you are, and that comes from within because inner beauty isn't always celebrated and so many people can't see their own, we see it in you.

in the journey because the destination is the sum of the memories along the way. Whether it is the road less traveled or til death do you part, the way you get there matters.

in and choose joy, the shout it from the roof tops joy, the silent deep chest swelling joy, even the “its your party and you can cry if you want to” sappy joy, because your joy is the most beautiful in any form.

in love, that iron sharpens iron, and marriage is all about being a stronghold for each other. That in the laughter, the tears, the chores, and the fears there is a open hand to hold. Because when you are committed for life, there is nothing more important than love in unity.

We Believe

Lauren & Jason

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