What is your photography style? Do you prefer setting an image up or do you prefer capturing moments as they happen?

We specialize in natural light photography with the assitance of lighting during receptions using digital photography. Film is not our specialty. We also shoot only in color simply because it is impossible to recolor black and white photographs on the scale of an entire wedding.

Jason and I are the only photographers who will be in charge of your wedding day! We love our assistants, but know that your wedding needs experts holding the reins.

Photographing a wedding requires a delicate balance of images that capture moments that occur naturally and setting the images that you desire out of your wedding day.

What we strive to accomplish with our wedding photography style is simple, respect your memories. If worse comes to worse, we will miss the big moment. On purpose! Now this doesn't happen very often, but I can recreate a photograph, I can have you stand there in the same place in the same way, but what I cannot recreate is your memory of that moment...expecially if I ruin it by saying, "smile for a photo!"

We want you to remember how you feel.

Why do we photograph weddings?

It all started when we were married. We fell in love with weddings! We fell in love with brides and with grooms, with wedding venues, flowers, but most importantly the LOVE.

While this is why we do weddings, it isn't why we are so invested in doing ONLY weddings.

We picked a good wedding photographer. She did a fine job on color, capturing our memories, and her photos were beautiful. Our only complaint? We do not have any family formals. Between Jason and I, we have 6 sisters - all of them attended the wedding. Not a single picture of us with them.

It is because of this error, that we cannot redo or replace, that we strive to make your wedding photographs as amazing and thorough as it is in our power to make happen.

We want our loss to be your gain and for this tradegy to never happen again.

What equipment do you use?

We love our camera's like they are our children!!

It is why they are cleaned before every wedding and we have backups for our backups in case of equipment failure. Our camera body is the Canon 5D Mark III - which is AMAZING and top of the line. We love to use a variety of lenses to give you the most variety out of your wedding day as possible: Macro, Wide Angle, and Prime.

Simply put, we use the best to deliver you drop dead gorgeous images everytime, rain or shine or illness. We contract with a the best in the industry in case we are unable to perform your wedding services ourselves. One of us will always be present, but since we insist on two photographers for every wedding, sometimes we need a little help!

Images, Images, Images!

There are so many things to cover!

  • When will we receive our images!! This is the question everyone wants to know! Typically it takes about a month for ALL of your images to process for a wedding day! I know that sounds like FOREVER, but I promise we work as fast as we can on your image delivery.

  • Can you post, share, print your own images? Of course! We don't want to hold your images hostage, we want you to love them...and us! Share away, a little love our way doesn't hurt though!

  • Can you get prints made? Definitely! While we offer an amazing selection of products, we understand that sometimes that isn't a direction you want to go. We do caution you, however, that our screens are calibrated to print with our professional print labs and that printing elsewhere could cause color or print distortion.

  • Will the images be retouched and color corrected before we see them? YES!! All of the images you see will have complete retouching and color correction. This being said, we are naturalists when it comes to retouching images. What is naturally a part of your body is staying there!! This of course does not include blemishes.

  • Do you deliver digital files or RAW files? We love delivering digital files to you! We want to make sure that you can get the most out of your images. That being said, we do NOT under any circumstances deliver RAW files. Not only is it overwhelming for our clients and difficult for us to accomplish, ediitng your images is part of our jobs and our style. If you do not trust our edits that are in our current body of work, please find someone in your preferred style. Most of the editing work is done in camera and you cannot just adjust an image to your liking without compromising the integrity of the image.

How many weddings do you photograph in a year?

We are currently booking 35 weddings a year and hope that you are one of our amazing couples!

It is our hope that your wedding day be the experience of a lifetime and to properly serve you and your family, we try to have one wedding a weekend and limit our couples to those that we feel will benefit and enjoy our personal, detailed touch and expertise. For this reason packages begin at $1,865.

What if your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

Jason loves being part of the best day of a couple's lives. Being surrounded by the love of a new husband and wife, is one of the best ways to spend a day!

Lauren loves the three 1sts. There is something about the 1st things that a couple does as they join their lives together that makes a wedding what it is, the celebration of their love. With the 1st look, you privately embrace and celebrate the intimacy of the moment - you are about to be married!! With the 1st kiss, you wed - it joins you forever. With a 1st dance, you celebrate your lives, your future, and your present - it is the culmination of who you are as a couple and how you choose to share that bond with your families.

What will you wear?

We believe in looking our best for your wedding! It is important for us to blend in with your guests and take the time to celebrate with you in all of your finery - in ours! We will either be in formal business wear or black tie, depending on the weather, the location of your wedding, and the attire of the wedding. We cannot wait to photograph your wedding!