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its the way that you smile, when you see each other for the first time. its the way that you laugh at a whispered joke. its the way your dad cries as he gives you away. its the way that your lips touch as you become husband and wife. its the way that your dress spins as he twirls you on the dance floor. its the way that the sparklers light your joy as you leave the day in celebration. it is why we love weddings and why we work so hard for yours. the way that it happens for you is captured in every photograph.


Meet the


Having been a bride herself, Lauren is dedicated to assisting her bride's in planning the perfect wedding from start to finish in order to capture all of the photographs that their heart's desire. It is her passion to assist the beautiful women organize their wedding day into the least stressful event possible and to help mitigate disaster before it arises. Her favorite things about a wedding day are the three firsts: The first Look, The first Kiss, and The First Dance. 

Your heart desires!"

"Having the wedding

Meet Lauren

Being a man in the wedding world can be a challenge. It is Jason's desire to help his fellow men navigate these uncharted waters with patience and support. There are a lot of details that bride's are handling, but the groom's need just as much assistance. For a man, it is difficult sometimes to get in the spirit of a wedding day. It is Jason's passion to help his guys not only enjoy their wedding day, but to own it!

This is a Man's world"

"It's not just a woman's world

Meet Jason

Why? The question we all ask ourselves when we get up in the morning and go to work. For Jason and Lauren, this little princess is the reason the sun rises and sets. She is the reason that they love their clients like family, because when they dream of their daughter's wedding in the future,they hope that she has a photography team that cares as deeply about her wedding as her parents do for their brides and grooms, who come in as clients and leave as friends. 

To Ours!"

"From your hearts

Meet Elliana

As photographers, we have the honor of loving many different types of people. People of all shapes and sizes step in front of our lenses. It is our fervent hope that not only do you enjoy your time in front of our lenses, but you walk away loving yourself just a little bit more. Like the children's book "The Ugly Duckling," beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so many times we don't behold our true self because we are too busy comparing ourselves to someone else's standard. Our swan is a reminder to love yourself!

Stick together!"

"Birds of a feather

Our Swans

Where do I begin? When my husband and I first met Lauren, it was at the beach for our engagement pictures. Her fun, adventurous and positive attitude made that day amazing! She did everything within the time line she gave us and the pictures came out beyond beautiful; so beautiful that we needed to hire her for our wedding a few months to follow. Anyone who is either planning for their wedding or has had one, knows the time, stress and energy it takes. Before our wedding day, she met up with my husband and I at the venue to find the perfect spots for our pictures. On the day of our wedding, amongst the usual wedding chaos, Lauren was able to organize each group (grooms men, bridesmaid, family, friends) in an efficient and professional manner. To top it off, through the rest of the night, she treated me like I was family. What impressed me most, was how much Lauren went above and beyond for us. When my husband accidently stepped on my dress and tore the bussel, before I could even freak out, she quietly pulled me aside and fixed the bussel to my train so I was able to dance the rest of the night. She even helped hand out cake! I can go on, but just want everyone reading this to know that if Lauren is a part of your wedding, she will exceed your expectations, thanks again Lauren!

the pictures came out beyond beautiful"

"She treated me like I was family &

Ken & Yesenia

We met Lauren for the first time two days before our wedding day and she is as detail oriented in person as she is on the phone and in email. She cares about every single detail of your wedding like it is her own. Having a military family, things need to go as planned and on schedule. When we first heard the timeline, we were a little confused as Lauren had scheduled six hours of photography including the ceremony before the reception. Not only did this timeline allow for the most relaxing wedding day anyone had ever experienced in the history of wedding days. We were able to enjoy the wine from the winery, smile and laugh even when things took longer than expected, and she planned the perfect locations for each and every picture. She even helped me through an emotional make-up crisis! She made me feel the most beautiful and the timeline allowed us to have every perfect moment! You won't regret choosing Lauren and Jason, they are like family on your wedding day!


"She made me feel the most beautiful &

Derek & Lexi

Lauren and Jason are an incredible team, we loved having them be part of every moment on our wedding day. For me, the most important part of my wedding was how Lauren took the time and effort to assist my special needs sister in feeling welcome and wanted, and ensuring that she was included in every part of the wedding photos. My feelings were more important than the photo op! From climbing stairs on a aircraft carrier at 8 months pregnant, to working with our family and friends to find a way to get every photo we desired despite being in close quarters, Lauren and Jason go way above and beyond to make sure that your wedding day is as wonderful as possible. She also helped avert many a panic attack brought on by my perfectionist side and smoothed things over between some tense family interactions; she made sure that every moment was perfect and then worried about the photos. Lauren and Jason are treasured and we recommend them to anyone and everyone we know!


"She made sure that every moment was perfect

David & Claire

TRUST ME - you will not be disappointed one bit if you chose to hire Lauren as your wedding photographer!! I have never met another wedding industry professional who is as detailed and passionate about what she does! It was so obvious from the second we met her that she is 110% interested in capturing and honoring our unique love story. She has so many creative ideas and is open to all suggestions/wants. She is currently a hidden gem, but will QUICKLY rise to the top of wedding scene! I am not even one for leaving reviews on many services/products i buy, but I can probably write an essay on how much I loved Lauren & her husband! They make the best team and are both very professional, yet so warm & fun to work with. I honestly felt like she was an old friend! I'm elated that I will have these gorgeous photos to cherish for years to come. By far, the best money spent in our wedding budget!!


"I honestly felt like she was an old friend &

Russ & Ashley

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